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    Integrating FDMEE with PeopleSoft source


      Hi All,


      We have FDMEE and PeopleSoft as source system. Now, we have a requirement to connect our FDMEE to PeopleSoft to extract the metadata/data and load into PLanning. In FDMEE admin guide, it says in this version, FDMEE does most of the ODI configuration automatically and we need to do only 3 manual steps as below.


      1. Set up the data server based on the ERP Source System.
      2. Set up the Physical Schemas.
      3. Set up the ODI Context Code to Global


      we did that and our FDMEE- ODI connection is successful but we are not able to see any source table chart fields in FDMEE Source Adapter/Source Entities screens.. I know for sure, i am missing some steps here. So can you please guide me wit the steps required to integrate FDMEE with PeopleSoft.