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    Oracle B2B Inbound Integration.




      I am new to Oracle B2B , working on basic Inbound and Outbound flows.


      I have created trading partners in my b2b console


      MyCompany    --- Host trading Partner

      OracleServices -  Another trading partner.  -- This trading partner is configured with  Generic file protocol.


      I have created a SOA composite which would pick a flat file having purchase orders and invoke the b2b to send the  EDI_X12_850 doc [transformed doc ] to other trading partner.

      in the invoke properties i have mentioned the to and fro trading partner names correctly.


      I could see the EDI  file getting created at remote trading partner --file loc...


      Now if i use the same file for B2B Inbound -- its giving error like "Agreement not found"


      I have agreements defined for Mycomp_To-oracleServices_850  and OracleServices_To_MyCompany_850.


      I m just placing the EDI file in the Listening Channel [ Administration-- Listening Channel]


      Could any one help me on this issue or tell me the way to do B2B Inbound.