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    Open Sales order is Consumed and after it shipped it Unconsumed


      Hi All

      apprcate you help on the issue bellow :


      we manage the forecast Via Oracle forecast set Form name is : MRPFFDIF

      we set the prpfile MRP:Consume Fcst Set Summary to Yes

      Customer expectation is that when running consumption only open sales orders will be consumed

      but when sales order has been consumed and day after shipped and close

      sales order consumed data will be save and not unconsumed when consumption is running again

      the bellow scenario example the issue :


      Day 1

      Forecast Origin Qty = 10

      Open So = 5

      when running consumption forecast current qty will be 5


      On Day 2 we shipped the So qty (5) and it become close

      when running consumption the Origin Qty become 10 and this is not reasonable

      the expectation is that Current Qty will be remain 5 as it was on day1


      Thanks in Advance