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    Question about using aliases with ASM


      Hi ALL,

      Recently I get using ASM  at test database and I have a question regarding how I can use ALIAS feature :
      I've created alias for one of database file:

      SQL> alter diskgroup DATA add alias '+DATA/test1/datafile/app_data_01.dbf' for '+DATA/test1/datafile/app_data.266.824722429';

      I've tried to see it in v$datafile but unsuccessful:

      SQL> select name from v$datafile where name like '%app_data_01%';


      no rows selected

      Try  use to see in in dba_data_files, unsucessful again:

      SQL> select file_name from dba_data_files  where file_name  like '%app_data_01%';


      no rows selected


      I've tried to use created alias , but unsucessfull again:

      SQL> alter database datafile '+DATA/test1/datafile/app_data_01.dbf' resize 12M;

      alter database datafile '+DATA/test1/datafile/app_data_01.dbf' resize 12M


      ERROR at line 1:

      ORA-01516: nonexistent log file, data file, or temporary file "+DATA/test1/datafile/app_data_01.dbf"


      Could someone, please, clarify how I can use aliases created for files in ASM ?