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    Configuring a Siebel Web Client to Use HTTPS but Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage


      I have installed the certificate in Oracle HTTPS Server 11g.

      This is the certificate:

      Requested Certificates:

      User Certificates:

      Subject: CN=crm1.ntv.local,O=NTV,L=Roma,ST=Roma,C=IT

      Trusted Certificates:

      Subject: CN=NTVROOTCA,DC=ntv,DC=local


      Now I have configured siebel application in the following mode (Siebel Security Guide page 206):

      1. Navigate to the Administration - Server Configuration screen, then the Servers view.
      2. Select the Siebel Server of interest
      3. Click the Components view and select the component of interest, in this case: eHospitality Object Manager (ENU).
      4. Click the Parameters view and select the record for SecureLogin
      5. In the Value on Restart field, enter TRUE
      6. Restart the component


      When try to access at link: https://crm1.ntv.local/ehospitality_enu/start.swe? I receive an error ("Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage").

      but if i try to access at link https://crm1.ntv.local/ the web page is open with the certificate that i installed in the server.

      If i use google chrome i can open the following link http://crm1.ntv.local/ehospitality_enu/start.swe? but siebel isn't compatible with chrome.

      I forgot to configure something?


      In the certificate at "common name" i have inserted crm1.ntv.local is correct? or i must insert the full address http://crm1.ntv.local/ehospitality_enu/start.swe? or crm1.ntv.local*


      Thanks and regards