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    assigning IP addresses to zones


      I am trying to configure  zones on a x86 system installed with Solaris 11.2.

      I will install two branded zones and one kernel zone.

      All the three non-global zones would have their own IP address and would each be assigned an entire disk dedicated to that zone.

      I am not sure how to set the IP address for this.


      Currently, I have set the following:

      #  zonecfg -z calypso02-x42-z01

      Use 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01> create

      create: Using system default template 'SYSdefault'

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01> set zonepath=/zones/calypso02-x42-z01

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01> set autoboot=true

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01> add dedicated-cpu

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01:dedicated-cpu> set ncpus=14

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01:dedicated-cpu> end

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01> add capped-memory

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01:capped-memory> set physical=32g

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01:capped-memory> end

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01> add device

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01:device> set match=/dev/*dsk/c1t0d0*

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01:device> set allow-partition=true

      zonecfg:calypso02-x42-z01:device> end



      I am not clear on whether I need to add anet/net and the value of set 'ip-type'