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    How much table space for a 25 character meta data rule in FDMEE


      Good Afternoon:


      I am creating a meta data rule in FDMEE to run in an ASO cube as the target.  The rule concatenates 5 fields from the source system and maps them to a single dimension in ASO.  In the rule I'm setting the top parent as the starting parent for each of the five fields.


      I am getting the following error:


      "<string>", line 2517, in loadConcatDimHierarchies

      SQLException: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01653: unable to extend table
      DEVFDM.AIF_MAP_HIER_CONCAT_T by 128 in tablespace EPM_META_DATA


      According to the DBA there was about 50 gig free at the time that it ran (although he does confirm that space ran out).


      Anyone have any suggestions about how much space I'll need?  The string in question is xxxxx_xxx_xxxxx_xxxxxx_xxxxxx  Also, is the string size a factor here?  Would a smaller string run with less space.