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    Signon issue


      Hi everyone,


      This is my first time on this forum so I apologize in advance for my naivety in posting.


      We are on 9.1 and we have a process that emails new users a password. The process for some reason adds spaces before and after the password and when our new users copy and paste the password into their browsers to login to peoplesoft it gives them an error. I realize it is a simple thing to tell the users to TYPE the password instead of copy and paste but that hasn't worked and our help people are being inundated with calls so they want it "fixed"


      We have had some developers look into the process that generates the email to see if they can remove the spaces there but they have determined that HTML is generating them and they can't (or won't) change that.


      So the task has been given me to remove them as part of the signon process. I thought that perhaps adding signon peoplecode to remove the spaces would work but the only area I see to do that is in LDAP which we are not using.


      Can someone tell me where to find the process that does the INITIAL signon so I can add some code there?


      The Oracle documentation says the system uses the PSAPPSRV.CFG file to perform the initial connection and and then runs a SQL select to the various security tables. My thought is that if I knew where to find that select, I can trim the SignonUserPswd variable before the select is run.


      Can this be done or am I just dreaming?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          PeopleSoft has a delieverd variable "%SignonUserPswd" and "%%SignonUserId". These variables captures login password and login id from the PeopleSoft login screen and then these values are passed to LDAP functions to authenticate the user.So you can use these variables to trim spaces before and after the password.


          Let me know if this helps

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            When the password gets to the Signon peoplecode it is already encrypted so you can't really trim spaces at that point.


            System Variables Reference


            You may want to include some javascript code on your signon.html that would do that for you.


            <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

            function removeSpaces(string) {

            return string.trim();




            <input type="password" tabindex="3" size="15" class="pslogineditbox" name="pwd" id="pwd" onblur="this.value=removeSpaces(this.value);>

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              In that case, use a variable in signon.html file like prtl_pwd to store the password from password text box of the login page and then from your customized signoncode, retrieve the value by below code:

              &Pwd = %Request.GetParameter("prtl_pwd");

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                I would be really careful with passing password as query string - this exposes it to the whole slew of security risks. This also allows the developer to access user's password in the code - which not a great idea in my mind - puts too much power in developers hands. I believe that is the reason that %SignonUserPswd returns encrypted value.


                Folks from Oracle are always welcome to chime in and I hope this helps


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