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    FRM-40010 cannot read form /custom_top/forms/USxxxx.fmx EBS 12.1.3


      Hello I have several custom forms that for some reason I am now longer able to read from EBS. When attempting to access the form I am getting the following error message


      FRM-40010 cannot read form  from /custom_top_dir/forms/US/xxxx.fmx

      I have tried the following and I have not been able to resolve the issue. I am running EBS 12.1.3 on Oracle Linux

      1. Validate permissions in the custom_top_dir/forms/US

      2. Validate permissions in $AU_TOP/forms/US

      3. Recompile the existing forms from $AU_TOP/forms/US

      4. Copied know working copies of FMB files from working directory and then recompiled

      5. After recompile I bounced all services/middle tier

      any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

      Thanks in advance