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    Inspection plan to be triggered until received quantity matches a threshold limit


      Quality Experts,


      Following is the business need -


      1) They will set a threshold quantity for item/item-supplier/supplier level. Say item- X, Sup - Y. Threshold quantity is 20. This threshold can be setup in some custom lookup.

      2) Now until the net received quantity for this item-supplier combination against PO reaches the threshold limit, they would like the QA Plan to be triggered and inspection results recorded for all shipments received.

      3) Once the Cumulative net received quantity exceeds the threshold limit, No need to trigger QA inspection and the receipt routing can be standard.


      Business wants this to be automated. Is there any way this can be achieved automatically by QA Plan setup?


      Workaround - Buyer has to manually update in PO the receipt routing to Standard/Inspection Required. But Buyer will then have to run some reports everytime to get the information on the net quantity received vs threshold limit. There is lot of manual activities here.