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    Datepicker : calendar is not closing


      DB 11g

      Apex 4.2.2

      Theme 25


      In my report, I have 2 date fields. Start date and End date. Both are having Display As DATEPICKER. It doesn't have time factor.


      When I create a new record, clicking on calendar icon displays calendar. Thats working.

      I select a date. The caledar closes and the value of the field is set. Thats working. So no problem with that.


      But when I tried to change dates of the existing record. It starts the problem.

      Clicking on the calendar icon of the field, pops up calendar. This is fine.

      I select a different date. The calendar is not closing. But the newly selected date is set in the field. What I want is to close the calendar as well.


      How to resolve this.