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    EIBCALEN not correctly informed in TMA-CRM environment



      We have found that the EIBCALEN field is not correctly informed in the program invoked from DFHMIRS when invoked from a tpcall from Tuxedo.

      The IEBCALEN value is always higher than the length informed in both lengths (ilen and olen) of the tpcall with CARRAY type. In fact, ilen=olen, in our case.


      What is wrong? why EIBCALEN is not equal to ilen=olen?


      Our setup is this one:

      • Red Hat Linux x86_64
        • Application runs in a 'Tuxedo Version, 32-bit, Patch Level 015' that executes tpcall to Mainframe.
          • 32 bits is a constraint of the app
        • TMA runs in ' Tuxedo Version, 64-bit, Patch Level 094'. It is a domain specifically configured to allow the application to connect to the Mainframe
          • Tuxedo 11.1 is a constraint in the Mainframe side
      • z/OS
        • CRM ''CRM 11.1, May  3 2012 01:28 Build TMACRM"


      Thanks in advance

      Jose Luis Cutanda