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    recommended browser for PeopleSoft



      what is recommended browser for PeopleSoft ? IE, Firefox, or Google Chrom ?


      Thank you.

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          All are supported, including Safari.

          Every browsers has its pros and cons, most of the time the recommended browser is bound to company policies.

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            I think this also really depends on the PeopleTools version - the best place to look is PeoplTools Certification and look at the specific browsers.


            I recently found this document on MOS that was very useful:


            Doc ID 704492.1)

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              As an admin, personally I prefer Firefox. Using the Firebug add-on when needed to troubleshoot is very convenient.  Granted IE has it's own "developer mode" now, but I more familiar with Firefox.

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                Various browsers are supported for PeopleTools. It depends what version of tools you are using and what version of browsers are supported for that particular tools version.


                Those information can be obtained under the certification TAB. You can go through the following navigation.


                Steps to check the certification



                All the certification information can be checked on certification page


                Here are the steps




                1) click on certification TAB


                2) Product:- PeopleSoft PeopleTools


                3) Release :- 8.52


                4) Click Search


                It will give you all the following  options and you have to choose according to your requirement



                1) Operating System


                2) Application Servers


                3) Databases


                4) Desktop application,Browsers and clients


                5) Directory/LDAP Services


                6)Enterprise Application




                8)Management and development Tools


                9) Middleware



                This document will let you know also if there are any issue related to particular browser version


                PeopleTools 8.48 - 8.53 Browser Compatibility Guide (Doc ID 704492.1)




                Sanjay Pandey