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    X forwarding through ssh does not work




      I tried to forward an X application from a Solaris 11.11 Sparc machine to my Linux PC without success.

      Forwarding X apps from other machines like e.g. a Solaris 10 10/08  - yes, you are reading correctly: 10/08 is running like a charm - or a SLES 11 box to my PC works fine!

      So the problem needs to be resolved on the Solaris 11 machine.


      What I tried with the DISPLAY variable:

      export DISPLAY=localhost:10.0  #this works with the other remote machines mentioned above

      leads to the message

      Error: cannot open display: localhost:10.0

      on the console upon starting the X app.

      Also using the IP address of my PC

      export DISPLAY=xy.xyz.x.y:0.0


      export DISPLAY=xy.xyz.x.y:0.1

      did not succeed, the app does not show up on my PC.

      Also unsetting  the DISPLAY variable does not lead to anything.



      Need to mention that X tunneling through ssh is enabled:

      root@puk:~# grep X11F /etc/ssh/sshd_config

      X11Forwarding yes



      What else needs to be configured?

      Appreciate your help.