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    OTL - Hours Type LOV is not Coming in the Payroll - Project Time Card



            The List of Values for Hours type is not Coming in the Payroll - Project Time Card.

      I did the Following basic setup for Hours Type


      1. Created Elements

                    Selected "Earnings" as Primary Classification

                    "Hours" taken as a Input Value.

      2. Created Element Set.

      3. Run the Request "Generate Flexfield and Mapping Information"  with Proper Parameters.

      4. Two Alternate Names created by Default due to Request Run, Enabled and disabled fields.

      5. Created one more Alternate Name by me with following Values

                        Alternate Name Type  -    OTL Alternate Name Type DFF Context

                         Type Name :     Payroll Elements

      6. Created Custom  Preference Tree

      7. Given Alternate name which is created by me in the Preferences.


      Please let me know is there any other basic setup do have to do for Hours Type.