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    Excel Smartview error: #Name?




      I have successfully installed Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition in a Windows 8 64bit OS with MS Office 2007 SP3.

      Upon opening of a smartview file and refreshing all worksheets, #Name? appears on all rows which should show amounts.


      Also, i have an existing laptop with Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition in a Windows 7 32bit OS with MS Office 2007.

      Opening the same smartview file in this laptop and refreshing all worksheets returns all the amounts/values.


      Can you help me find the cause why the #Name? is showing?

      I have tried searching in other forums and sites for answers but none solved my issue.


      BTW, I am a newbie user of HFM Smartview. Pardon if my question is quite simple to answer.




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          In Smartview options - go to Data Options - Replacement sections and there see the Value set for #NoData/Missing Label - check what value it has if it has #Name edit and replace with None.

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            We have just experienced the same issue.  We had a few error messages about folder security and access so we ended up making the C:\Oracle\SmartView\Bin folder a Trusted Location in Excel.  Here are the instructions we wrote up for our use.


            When installing Smart View 64-bit, make the C:\Oracle\SmartView\Bin folder a trusted site by going through the following.

            In Excel go to File/Options/Trust Center.

            Click on Trust Center Settings/Trusted Locations then Add new location… and browse to the Bin folder.



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              Hi KKT,

              Current value for #NoData/Missing Label is set to #Missing. Drop-down options include: #Missing and #NumericZero only.

              I changed value to #NumericZero. Refreshed the worksheet, but still #Name? value appears.

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                Hi JBlough,

                I have added C:\Oracle\SmartView\bin\ under the Trusted Locations in Excel. But still same error appears in the smartview file.

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                  #NAME - This error occurs when Microsoft Excel doesn't recognize text in a formula. When you forward a spreadsheet that contains functions to a user who does not have Smart View, users can view the same data as the functions remain displayed on the spreadsheet. When the user edits the function or selects Refresh, the function changes to #Name.


                  Please clear all the formula and functions attached with the excel and then retrive.


                  also checkuout below archibed forum as well.