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    server-side load balancing again



      Am I understand right, that I could not use the default service (that is named the same as database) for server side load-balancing, but I must create additional services by hand for this ? If yes, then I must also change client side tnsnames.ora everywhere for use of this new service ?

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          I think you can definitely set default service for server side load  balancing without an issue. Are you facing issue while using default service?Did you check the number of session  based on service_name from gv$session?



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            Hello. At the moment I couldn't even change this service's properties:

            sql>select name, goal, clb_goal from dba_services where name='MYDB';


            NAME       GOAL  CLB_G

            ----------        -----      -----

            MYDB                  LONG


            So, I try to change CLB_GOAL to 'short' I got an error:

            $srvctl modify service -s MYDB -d MYDB -j SHORT

            PRKO-2120 : The internal database service MYDB cannot be managed with srvctl


            Or are there other ways to change this ?