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    Error in Requisition Import Process

    Sanjay Desai EBS

      Hi Experts,


      At the time of requisiton Import process, we are getting following error.


      Error :   Invalid Value for PROJECT_ACCOUNTING_CONTEXT.


      Cause:  You entered a invalid value for PROJECT_ACCOUNTING_CONTEXT or you don't have the proper installation of PA/PJM for the Destination Type entered.


      Action:  Enter a valid value for PROJECT_ACCOUNTING_CONTEXT (Y,N,Null) or check for Proper Installation.


                  For EXPENSE destinations, PA should be installed and for INVENTORY/SHOP FLOOR destinations, PJM should be installed.



      We are importing the requistion with project_id and task_id .

      Project Id and Task Id, we have populated in  po_requisitions_interface_all  AND  po_req_dist_interface_all  tables.


      Can anyone help me to overcome this problem ?


      Thanks in advance.




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          Sambit Kumar

          Hi Sanjay,


          I was also facing the same issue a few days back.

          But for importing requisitions I never populate the 'po_req_dist_interface_all' table.


          For overcoming this issue, we need to populate 'PROJECT_ACCOUNTING_CONTEXT' with 'Y' in the 'PO_REQUISITIONS_INTERFACE_ALL'

          Also, make sure you are populating the same in the distribution table(in ase you are using that table as well.)


          This worked fine for me.