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    Does Tuxedo's transaction management (XA) supports IBM DB2 and IBM WMQ as Resource Manager?


      We are developing a C 64bit application on RHEL 6.4 O.S. This application will be involved in an XA transaction between IBM WMQ and IBM DB2. It will be using IBM DB2 ODBC API + IBM WMQ MQ API for interaction.


      Following is the planned configuration at our end:


      Host 1- RHEL 6.4

      • IBM WMQ v7.5 Server Installation
      • IBM DB2 v10.1 Client Driver (libdb2)
      • unixODBC Driver Manager v2.3.2 that supports IBM DB2 Client Installation
      • C 64-bit application using ODBC API + MQ API for resource interaction.


      Host 2 – RHEL6.4/AIX

      • IBM DB2 v10.1 Server Installation


      Please suggest. Thanks Rahul