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    How to access a JSF page from a JAR file ?



      I've split up my JSF application in to 4 modules. I've created 1 module just to provide some basic resources like CSS, JS, images and Facelets templates. This module works fine and I can use all resources inside it, including JSF templates. I've created other one that contains some pages with their managed beans and that module is packaged as a JAR file.
      I would like to know how can I access that pages inside the JAR file like other pages inside my WAR file. I've tried to use with <h:link/> and <h:outputLink/> but I have no success.


      If I can try to create a link to the page like that:


      <h:link value="Grupo" outcome="grupo_list" /> 
      So when I do that I get this warning message "JSF1090: Navigation case not resolved for component".


      Or if I try to create a link to the page like that


      <h:outputLink value="#{item.outcome}">#{item.title}</h:outputLink>

      I get this error message "/grupo/list.xhtml Not Found in ExternalContext as a Resource"

      My list.xhtml page is inside META-INF/resources/grupo/list.xhtml and I put faces-config.xml inside META-INF folder as well.

      This is snippet code of the faces-config.xml:

      Anyone can help me ?