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    Solaris 11.2 Beta, can't Disable ICMP Redirect Messages anymore




      I'm trying to get a secure baseline with Solaris 11.2 by following the CIS Security Configuration Benchmark for Solaris 11 11/11 on Solaris 11.2


      (see https://benchmarks.cisecurity.org/tools2/solaris/CIS_Solaris_11_Benchmark_v1.0.0.pdf)


      Seems like something changed as I'm unable to perform the steps in


      3.13. Disable ICMP Redirect Messages

      I get the following output:


      root@solaris112# ipadm show-prop -p _send_redirects -co current ipv4

      ipadm: warning: cannot get property '_send_redirects' for 'ipv4': Unknown property



      How can I disable ICMP redirects on Solaris 11.2?