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    B2B Design suggestions needed



      I would need a design suggestion to embark on a major EDI implementation using Oracle B2B. Your suggestions and advice are deeply valued and appreciated.

      Use case :

      Our client engages in trading with its partners across the world by sending / receiving EDI messages in ASC X12, EDIFACT and TRADACOM document standards. There are roughly 300 trading partners and over 50 types of transactions sets.Their backend ERP is Oracle Apps R12. They have not embarked on the Oracle B2B yet and today all their business is being done by VAN providers.

      While providing solution approach, to implement integration between Oracle Apps ERP and Trading partners using Oracle B2B, I have  the following questions/ doubts. Kindly help answering them.

      1. Assume that there are multiple trading partners for one transaction-set ( say 850) using same version ( lets say 4010). Do we need to create multiple specifications(850 ecs files) one each for the trading partner each differing in the rules and validations ? Is that the commonly followed approach ?

      2. In case the above is true ( ie., need to create different ecs file for the same transaction-set and version for each trading partner) , is there a way to simplify and improve the design by creating a global specification/templare that can be applied ( and if required customized) to all trading partners. If yes kindly provide some insight in how that can be done.

      3. I am looking at various implementation approaches , one of them being AIA B2B approach.Although the client is not planning to have AIA licenses , we are just thinking if the solution we build should be similar to what is provided in the below link.

      Would it be really beneficial to implement a solution using EBM's , B2BCS etc..? Cant it be just like this

      Oracle B2B --> Oracle SOA composite ( reads EDI Doc XML from in-memory/jMS queue , transforms it to Oracle Apps specific message , Calls Oracle Apps via EBS adapter).

      I know that following a standard AIA like approach offers many benefits providing a loosely coupled architecture, but to our needs this is really costly. So my question is considering this use case, can we go away with simple implementation specific to Oracle Apps R12 rather than AIA like approach?

      4. Very imp : How do we design creation of SOA composites ? Do we need to a) create one composite for each transaction-set or b) one composite per trading partner ? Or c) create one composite for each specification type ( ie., for each ecs file ).
      In the last case, the number of composite for 50 transaction sets for 300 trading partners would be 300*50 = 15000 which is definitely not a possible approach.In case we need to create one composite for one transaction set type ( which I feel is right approach), how to we capture inputs for different specifications for different trading partners ?
      ie.,for eg: if we create a SOA composite "X12PurchaseOrderProcess"
      that caters to all trading partners ( each having different spec for the same 850 with same version 4010 because of difference in rules and validations), how do we define the process to listen from all these kind of inputs ?? A pick activity to start with ??
      Please throw some light on this.

      5. Any other important considerations !