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    Oracle RAC patch error



      I have applied the PSU-18031726 Patch Set Update April 2014 and facing issues.

      Please find the steps i have applied:

      1. Brought down the DB instance and Listener on Node 1

      2. Took the inventory and binary backups on Node 1

      3. Applied the patch on Node 1 -> command used - > opatch apply (during this Node 2 DB Instance is up & running)

      4. During the process, it prompted for rolling whether we need to continue on Node 2. We responded with No.

      5. Patch applied on Node 1 successful.


      @ Node 2

      when we start applying the patch it shows an error OPatch failed with error code 73


      Please suggest me to resolve this issue.



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          Vandana B -Oracle



          It is difficult to tell what would have gone wrong without analyzing the log. However, see if the following documents help


          Ref: PSU Opatch conflict check fails with "OPatch failed with error code 73" (Doc ID 861507.1)

          Ref: ERROR: "The Oracle Home does not meet OUI version requirement. OPatch failed with error code 73" (Doc ID 729218.1)

          Ref: OPatch Failed With Error Code 73 Because Session Is Not Able to Create a Directory (Doc ID 1269454.1)



          Vandana - Oracle

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            can you check $ORACLE_HOME/inventory/ContentsXML/comps.xml for patch 18031726


            grep -i 18031726 $ORACLE_HOME/inventory/ContentsXML/comps.xml

            comps.xml will get updated when patch is applied. So node1 comps.xml would have been updated for this patch.

            Seems comps.xml might have been copied from node 1 to node2 and when Opatch reads patch information at node 2 from comps.xml, it searches for 18031726 patch files. since patch is not applied physically, you will get this error.

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              Could you please send the log or the command line that you executed with the output