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    Approvals in Engineering Module


      Hi All,


      I am working on Oracle 11i Engineering.


      In ECO(Engineering change order) , we want to send notifications to Approvers in Approval List for Implementing ECO.


      I have assigned standard workflow to ECO change types and defined users in Approval List.


      But notifications are not going to approvers after submitting the ECO.


      Please advice do we need to do any thing to Standard work flow are am I missing any thing.


      Please advice.


      Thanks in Advance


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          Hi Ravi,


          Please check the following :-


          1. Check if the Notifications are getting created , you can check it from the Notification Worklist or from WF_NOTIFICATIONS table

          2.  Even the Workflow status diagram will let you know whether Notifications were created or not.


          2. If the Notification got created but users did not receive an email, then it can be due to one of the following reasons.


              a. Notification Mailer is down.

              b. Notification Mailer is pointing to a wrong server\configuration issue.

              c. Notification mailer is up and the server configuration is correct, but an Override address has been set by DBA to restrict emails going -        to all the users.


          If you can see the Notifications in the worklist or in the WF_NOTIFICATIONS table and for any of a,b,c related as mentioned above , then the  DBA needs to resolve it.


          3. Check Oracle Support (support.oracle.com) for your workflow type if there are similar issue logged already sometimes it could be a patch issue as well.




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            Thank you very much Neeraj .


            We are first time trying to implement this and I got metalink notes also for setting up Approvals and we are working on this.


            405205.1  -->ECO Approval issue

            104421.1-->ECO Workflow Approval Process Set up and use