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    Failed to save/load freehand markups


      Hi there,
      I am doing AutoVue viewer integration in our web project.

      Actually it appears that AutoVue cannot save freehand markups properly.

      On the backend side I am getting quite small file of e.g. 468 B . I cannot render it’s content since it’s some proprietary stuff…you know.

      Exporting-importing that markup to a regular file have same effect, an almost empty file.

      Other markups are working properly, so it’s not a communication or file problem.


      How can I make freehand markups work?

      Actually that is AutoVue 2D ver. 20.2.1


      Any help appreciated!

      • Anton
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          Ricardo Av-Oracle

          AutoVue can save and load free hand (called FreeStyle on AutoVue UI) markups just fine, the application does it properly for thousands of customers worlwide

          Without code or a description of what you tried, I would assume that some steps were missed

          I would strongly recommend you go over the documentation and specifically the API Developer's Guide

          If you are seeing an empty or small file, it is very possible you missed a commit

          If you are invoking it programatically, see page 3-11 on how to add an entity and page 3-13 on how to save markups