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    Integrating VueActionSample example application with AutoVue

    Mohan Basavarajappa

      We've run the VueActionSample example application provided by autovue installation. When we run the batch file provided in the example directory the Applet window opens with "List Part Action" under "Analysis" menu (custom action is registered as one of menu item). But when we copy the VueActionSample.jar application to <AutoVue Install Home>/bin and copy the gui file given in the example application to <AutoVue Install Home>/bin/profile folder. when we try to access the document with URL


      it doesn't show the custom action "List Part Action" unders "Analysis" menu. Why is AutoVue applet client not picking the custom action? Is this some sort of bug? it works in standalone and not on hosted server. kindly point us if we're missing some steps

      Additionally we've added this VueSampleAction.jar in ucm too - UCM/cs/AutoVue/common and UCM/cs/weblayout/common locations too


      snippet of markup file




      MENUITEM PartListAction, , PERM_READ


      MENUITEM VueActionAnalysisMeasure , Measure, PERM_READ

      MENUITEM VueActionFileCompare, , PERM_READ


      MENUITEM VueActionViewDrawingInfo, , PERM_READ



      Inputs are highly appreciated