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    oracle SQL and PLSQL with unix shell scripting


      Good Evening to all my dear friends....With the experience of 3 years in the field of oracle SQL and PLSQL now i want to learn UNIX shell scripting which was required to apply for a new job.....Whenever i apply for a job, the primary requirement is UNIX shell scripting along with SQL and PLSQL...I dont know which Shell script they can use if they are requiring for PLSQL with shell script ---  bash, tsh, csh or any other shell...


      Pls give me your valuable answers my dear friends....

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          Jim Smith

          This isn't really a SQL Developer question, you should mark it answered and ask again in the database general forum)
          Nowadays it it most likely to be ksh or bash.   They are very similar.


          PL/SQL and shell scripting are quite distinct - you may embed SQL and PL/SQL within a shell script, but they don't interact specifically.


          Shell script in a database environment is very useful as a wrapper round sql scripts.  It is better and collecting and validating parameters before calling sqlplus, and for interpretting or reformatting output after the call.   Not to mention the many, many more general uses.


          Scripting (whether unix shell, windows powershell, or more advanced scripting like perl or python ) is an invaluable skill for either a developer or a dba.