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    rest upgrade S7310


      hello ALL,


      This is the first time we have done anything to our 7310 so bear with me please.


      All the data has been migrated from this storage and now is an ideal time to upgrade SW/FW.


      Does anyone have any thoughts as to the most painless way to do this, I was just thinking of putting the very latest release and just reboot.


      When I had a look at the readme it says I need a 'micro' release and that 'micro' release also needs a 'micro' release.


      I can understand that if the storage was in production and data was present, all I want to do is upgrade to latest SW/FW.


      Sugestions welcome.


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          There is an upgrade path that must be followed if you are currently at an older code level.  The appliance will warn you if you attempt to upgrade from a level that is too old.  What release are you currently at?


          There is also a document that may help:

          Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System: How to upgrade a clustered system (Doc ID 1447284.1)



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            Hi Nosbor

            If you can provide more details then we can help you better like :

            1. Is it a cluster

            2. Current software version ( ak firmware)




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              Thanks all,


              Ended up needing an Engineer, there were all sorts of problems with this storage (I inherited it).

              Nearly there thou.

              I'm looking around trying to find AOM setup info rather than be stuck on a 'tip' session.


              This is not clustered and the current SW/FW is SunOS Release 5.11 Version ak/generic@2010.,1-1.11 64-bit.