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    QuickSearch Component failed to function after exception raised on DML operation




      Our QA team found that quickQuery component stop functioning properly after application raised an error to delete record (current one caused by referential integrity)


      Problem: quickQuery component, based on  involved LOV and text items Queriable attributes does not refreshed and keep accumulating conditioning in WHERE clause after application raised error message in a previous action


      Steps to recreate:

           In a scope of analysis I build 2 identical applications against HR schema Employee table:

                1. Vanilla Oracle ADF

                2. Used JHS libraries to build same application

      Output: quickQuery componen works fine in vanilla based application works fine, however it failed when application build with JHS


      Initially, I opened a ticket for Oracle support, but later found that ADF vanilla version works fine, which pointing to JHS library issues.

      Ticket:   SR 3-8978825071 : Search Component (QuickSearch) does not reset when exception raised.


      Problem Details:


      In our application QA found the issue, which can be reproduce with following steps in HR attached application:

      1. Run application and go to Employees tab

      2. In a quick search user select data Filter By = Department Name, LOV = Executive

          This will query Employee ID = 101, which has a referenced data in a JOB_HISTORY table

      3. Execute Delete action on this record. Error message with foreign key constraint will popup

      4. Type in LOV some non-valid value such as "XXX" instead of "Executive" and execute query. No records will be returned

      5. Change Filter By to Last Name or First Name and execute query. Expected result - all records should be returned. Actual result - no record returned.

      6. Change filter to Department Name again. Output: in a value box "XXX" value still exists.



      If produce same steps, but when You can delete a record, the LOV filter is cleared during changing "Filter By" condition.



      Please advise if You have solution for this.