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    AutoVue fails to convert big file.


      Using AutoVue integration in our platform I need to process a PDF file of 8.8MB (some CAD drawing exported to PDF) with it’s markups.

      We cannot just compile markups as a layer into PDF. Because of markups being in some proprietary file format by oracle we found no documentation on.

      So the workaround would be a “convert” option in AutoVue viewer.

      What is usually working fine with all files I know about, has failed for that PDF file.

      Logging set ti DEBUG, I found that:


      WARN [] [com.cimmetry.jvueserver.document] An operation is taking too long to complete, possible stability issue.

        Please verify.

      Document= DocID: 14, URL: documentViewer__1399999024917---dbDcm-57908, DMS Info: <vuelink url="http://antonn.muc.local:8080/ng/servlet/DMSViewerServlet"><DMSArgs></DMSArgs><seed>documentViewer__1399999024917---dbDcm-57908</seed></vuelink>, DMS ID: dbDcm-57908, Name: 9MB_PDF_FILE.pdf Display Name: null, Type: 0, Parent: [null]

      Method= fileConvert

      ElapsedTime= 0h 10m

      User= test1


      Any Ideas how to move on?

      Is there some limitation in processed file size for AutoVue convert function?




          Set -Xms512Mb -Xmx512Mb options which resolved BMP and TIFF rendering (thay takes very long even on powerfull hardware). However PDF is rendered empty!


      Any help appreciated!

      • Anton