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    Oracle 11g, Locator, and 3D data, part 2




      I'm trying to decipher the differences in the Locator vs Spatial functionality for 3D data in Oracle 11gR2.  I found the archived discussion:




      In this discussion, the answer was that using the SDO_RELATE and SDO_ANYINTERACT operators on 3D data with a 2D index was covered under Locator.  My assumption, then, is if I have 3D data with a 3D index and use the SDO_RELATE operator, that is not covered under Locator and I would need to pay for the Spatial licensing.  Is that correct?


      Can I assume that if I create a 2D index on the 3D data, then I'm safe to use all the functions in "Table B-1 Spatial-Related Features Supported for Locator" in the Spatial Developer's Guide?