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    oracle weblogic , forms and reports 11g after installation 3  fromsweb file are generating


      Hi ,

        I am getting one issue, I installed oracle weblogic and oracle forms and reports installation after installation 3 file with same name are generating formsweb. two files from same location 1)formsweb.cfg 2)formsweb.JMXORI file location is \user_projects\domain\classicdomain\config\fmwconfig\servers\WLS_FORMS\application\formsapp_11.1.2\config

      and last one is from other location name is 3)formsweb.cfg location is \user_projects\domain\classicdomain\servers\WLS_FORMS\tmp\_WL_user\formsapp_11.1.2\wb1h9f\config.

      I want to know what are this 3 files. Where can I update my formsweb file.

         Help will be appreciable.

      Thank you.