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    Database diff not showing diff report




      I'm trying to get the difference between two schemas using the database diff tool.  My problem is that no diff report tabs appear.


      I'm using:

      • sqldeveloper 3.2.09  (in spanish)
      • Windows XP SP3


      I have tried comparing the same schema in different databases; I've tried very different schemas in the same database.  I'v tried with only limited objects.  No diff report windows.


      The windows for selecting connections, etc., all show up correctly.  The process even shows the database objects it is comparing during the execution (I supose it shows the database objects of the origin).  But when it should show the "diff report" tab, nothing appears.  The diff window closes and there it ends. 


      Also, no file appears in the directory I have configured in the "preferences" section of sqldeveloper.


      I have tried executing sqldeveloper from it's \bin\ directory but no messages of any kind show up in the console.


      Any ideas, anyone?