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    Case sensitivy in and


      I didn't find an answer to this question so I'm posting it here:


      Is there a difference in handling search terms within oracle text regarding case sensitivity?


      I have two Oracle instances ( and containing the exact same data.

      On i get some results with this query, where i don't in


      SELECT mc.message_id FROM message_comments mc WHERE CONTAINS(mc.comment_text, '{test}', 1) > 0


      comment_text is actually 'Test'.


      I hope someone can give me an answer to this, thanks!

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          I found the following:

          By default, all text tokens are converted to uppercase and then indexed. This results in case-insensitive queries. For example, separate queries on each of the three words cat, CAT, and Cat all return the same documents.


          I discovered that in my DB all tokens are uppercase where in the DB they aren't. Why is that?



          I checked what lexer I'm using:


          SQL>  SELECT par_value from ctx_parameters WHERE par_name = 'DEFAULT_LEXER';






          Setting mixed_case to no:




          rebuilding index:




          Still the same, queries are case sensitive.




          I had to drop and recreate the index, now it works!