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    Planning Adhoc works differently than HFM Adhoc ?




      We have Hyperion Planning v11. and HFM v11.1.2.2.x installed.


      Smartview version is v11. (Build 174).


      It looks like Adhoc behaves differently depending on whether we are using HFM or Planning but we are unsure if this is intentional or a bug (I think its a bug or, God forbid, we do something wrong!).


      Example for HFM:


      Row: Entity


      Column B1 - Version (Working)

      Column B2 - Scenario (Budget)

      Column B3 - Year (FY13)

      Column B4 - Period (Jan)


      In Column C3 we insert Year = FY14


      Press refresh and column C1, C2, and C4 is filled with the contents of the equivelant B cell,


      If we do the same for planning then we get an error "Member FY14 is out of place" !!???

      This applies to anything we insert in cell C1 to C3.

      If we insert a value in C4, ie Period = Feb, and press refresh then it works and C1 to C3 is filled with the equivalent values from B !?


      Why oh why ?!


      Hope this makes sense