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    The download link of Solaris11.1 SRU 12


      Hi Solaris Support Team:

      I’m one of the system engineers in HUAWEI IT High-Performance Server Dept, and we want to do Solaris OS

      Certification on our new 4-Way Server Model:Tecal RH5885 V3 recently.

      Since RH5885 V3 shipped with Intel Xeon E7V2 CPUs(IvyBridge Platform),  I used the latest version

      solaris10U11 and solaris11.1 on Tecal RH5885 V3 as per the advices from ORACLE HCTS   support team, but both of

      them crashed with a panic at the very beginning of installation procedure. After that, HCTS support team

      suggested me to try Solaris11.1 SRU12 again.

      But I cannot find the download link of that from internet directly. Could anyone tell me how can I get the Solaris11.1 SRU12?

      Or is it necessary to download a patch and merge the patch to the Solaris11.1 ISO?

      Thank you very much!