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    Audit Vault agent issue


      I have installed Oracle Audit Vault server (10g rel3) 64bit  on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 64bit and installation went successful. Afterwards I have installed Oracle Audit Vault Agent (10g Rel3 64bit) on a seperate server having Oracle Enterprise Linux 4.7 64bit. This machine has already Oracle 9 installed in seperate HOME whereas Audit vault agent is installed in seperate HOME. After installation of Audit Vault agent installation I am facing following error for which I am seeking your assistance.


      avorcldb verify -src AvAgentDb:1521:db9i -CollType ALL

      Enter source UserName: db_user

      Enter Source Password:*******


      Error: Couldn't get source user connection using jdbc:oracle:oci:@(DESCIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=AvAgentDb)(PORT=1521))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=db9i)))

      Error: ORA-00604: Error occured at recursive sql level 1

      ORA-01882: Timezone region not found


      I am executing avorcldb command from Audit Vault Agent HOME and db_user is created in source database which is oracle 9i. I am able to tnsping db9i from Audit Vault Agent HOME without any issue. There is no listener installed/configured in Audit Vault Agent home however tnsnames.ora contains connect information to source database which oracle 9i (db9i). Please suggest fix of this error.