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    Equivalent of FIX in MDX


      Hi, I need to restrict a list of members which have a common UDA in MDX script. IN BSO cube we can use a FIX statement for this. Can anyone help me how do I do it in ASO.. Thanks.

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          You can't convert FIX statements to MDX. MDX works as member formulas, you could  not use FIX statements in member formulas, only in calc scripts. Instead of FIX,  you would have to use an IF or CASE statement to do a conditional test and then apply your calc. However the second issue you are going to run into is there is no CLEARDATA or DATACOPY in MDX or ASO cubes

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            KKT, Thanks for your reply,so I have a about 100 members which have same UDA and I need to restrict my calculation only for these members. Any suggestion how should we proceed?

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              When you say "MDX script" is this a query, member formula, ASO calculation script or a partial clear?


              In any case, there is the Uda function in MDX that will probably get you what you need.


              By the way, KKT, there has been an equivalent to CLEARDATA in ASO since v11.1.1 - see Alter Database (Aggregate Storage) and look at the 'clear data in region' syntax.  Similarly, a DATACOPY equivalent has been possible since 11.1.2 through the ASO calculation feature.

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                Hi TimG, Sorry for not specifying that, its a member formula for an account member in ASO application. IsUDA just returns me true/false value. I would like the formula be applied only for a specific set of members which have same UDA. Working on that.. Thanks.

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                  Thanks Tim for the update.

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                    Thanks, I see.  In that case, you need to wrap IsUDA in an IIF statement.  Something like:


                    Iif(IsUda([DimensionName].CurrentMember, "UDAName"), do this if true, do this if false)


                    The 'do this if false' part can just return #Missing if that's what you want to do when the IsUDA is false.