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    WLS 10.3.5 _wl_cls_gen.jar file issues


      I am struggling with resources in WebLogic Server Version:


      I've two war files (epplus and idb-be) that I am deploying on the same ManagedServer and both web applications are having a directory WEB-INF/fop/userconfig.xml with the war-file.

      Now when I look at the deployment of both war files then I see that:

      • This 'fop' directory is present in exploded form for both applications under ManagedServer/tmp/_WL_user/<war-name>/9gmo8k/war/WEB-INF/fop
      • This 'fop' directory is also present in the generated ManagedServer/tmp/_WL_user/epplus/9gmo8k/war/WEB-INF/lib/_wl_cls_gen.jar file but only for idb-be and not for epplus


      Now our application (through an included library) is trying the userconfig.xml file via a 'file:' URI which works for the epplus application. But for idb-be the classpathloader is returning the 'fop' file in the _wl_cls_gen.jar file which has a 'zip:' URI format.


      Why is this 'fop' folder once included in the _wl_cls_gen.jar file (for idb-be) and once not (for epplus)?

      Is there a way to control what goes in _wl_cls_gen.jar ?

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          Apparently the 'fop' folder was also present on two locations (under WEB-INF and also under WEB-INF/classes) in the idb-be war file due to incorrectly building the war file.

          Having fixed that the 'fop' folder only appears under the WEB-INF folder as is present in exploded form (i.e. not packed within a jar file) on the classpath and can be read using a FileInputStream.