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    Regarding Bundle Sku


      Hi Everybody,


      Could you please tell me about  bundle sku checkout process.


      For example:


      1) I have configured a bundle sku, for example 'A' and attached it to the main sku B.Then I have added this main sku to shopping cart.



      In shopping cart , i need to  show only main sku total price or both sku price(bundle+main sku)  total ?



      Could you please tell me how this pricing is happening ?  i need to configure any pricing components for this functionality?  How the backend process is happening for bundle sku?




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          Hi P,


          The Handling Bundled SKUs in the Inventory section in the documentation talks about how the backend processing is done for a SKU bundle.

          With respect to pricing, if you have an OOTB setup, then you could also try and create a SKU per the instructions provided in the Merchandising Guide for Business Users document to see how it behaves in OOTB Commerce Reference Store (CRS). Going by the fact that the BCC does not have a price section for a SKU Link, and that the sku-link item descriptor on the ProductCatalog does not have pricing related properties, I suspect that it maybe the price all of the SKUs that make up the bundle.

          The Creating SKU Bundles section in the CRS guide describes how this is implemented in OOTB CRS as well.





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            Thanks for your response.

            I gone through the docs but it is not mentioned how to add bundle items to the basket and how the order pricing is happening.If you dot mind could you please give some ideas about the process.