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    OEM Cloud Control install problem




      I am having trouble installing OEM 12c on my Windows 7 laptop.  I currently have an Oracle database and OEM already running.  When I do the OEM 12c install I am instructed to remove the  OEM repository for the Oracle 11 version.


      I did this with the following command:


      emca -deconfig dbcontrol db -repos drop


      I got a message stating that the repository drop was successful.  I started the OEM 12c install again and received the same message as before saying that the OEM 11 repository needed to be removed.


      I am know receiving these messages when I run the emca -deconfig dbcontrol db -repos drop command:


      CONFIG: Error Message: PRKC-1117 : Failed to delete registry subkey "SOFTWARE\Oracle\SYSMAN\OracleDBConsoleorcl" under key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" on node
      ", [Access is denied.




      SEVERE: Can't find file C:\app\BRIECKR1\product\11.2.0\dbhome_4\localhost_orcl\sysman\config\emoms.properties


      I can however see this file in Windows Explorer.  Does anyone have any ideas  about this problem?