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    Cannot launch java web start application on linux x64 using older jre7 versions


      On linux x64 machine, tried to launch java web start application using jre 7 update 51 and older version:

      javaws URL

      Always get error message "Disabling Java as it is too old and likely to be out of date. To reenable use jcontrol utility”.


      Using jcontrol to check, jre7u51 is not disabled.


      I tested jre7u25, jre7u45, jre7u51 and jre7u55. Only the latest version jre7u55 works. 


      On windows, web start is working fine with older JRE 7 versions after a security prompt. It allows older versions if you choose to.


      I tried to configure the jre to skip version checking. But nothing worked.


      Any one had the same issue or solution?