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    How to invoke a web service asynchronously using ws-addressing model?


      Hi Gurus,

      We are invoking an external web service asynchronously using Oracle Work Flow Business events using the following mechanism -


      We are using Oracle SOA Integrated Gateway repository:


      We will be creating Inbound/ Outbound Messages using XML Gateway and deploying them through SOA Integrated Gateway repository.


      My Questions are as under:


      1) There is a requirement where we need to call the External Web Service from PL/SQL.


      Now We want to achieve this via invoking the web service using "Invoke Web Service" subscription and business event.


      My question is how we can retrieve the data by calling from PL/SQL OR how data can be passed back to PL/SQL. How can I call middle ware so that it calls the external application using above model and pass the data back to PL/SQL function OR procedure.


      Keep in mind I will be calling the external web service many times to get the data for each and every row.