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    Dim build via MaxL different results than EAS


      Doing a dim build via a MaxL script creates extraneous members, whereas the same file processed through the EAS console works as desired.


      The MaxL script uses the same load rule which is associated and validated with no errors.   The outline has only 7 dimensions (2 dense, 5 sparse).   The data has been cleared for testing/troubleshooting purposes, so the dim build is being applied to an empty cube.


      There is no dimension build error file on either the load through the console, or the load via MaxL.


      MaxL output reports:

      OK/INFO - 1007120 - Loading New Outline for Database [CP3] Succeeded.

      OK/INFO - 1007067 - Total Restructure Elapsed Time : [1.279] seconds.

      OK/INFO - 1053013 - Object [CP3] unlocked by user [xxxxx@Native Directory].

      OK/INFO - 1241113 - Database import completed ['xcpna'.'CP3'].


      The file being loaded is a parent - child file format with an alias column, tab delimited .txt


      Originally, just the alias names were enclosed in quote marks due to hyphens in the name.   Currently, all names in the file are enclosed in quote marks.


      There are 7793 records in the file .. i.e., most of the alias names were being modified.


      As mentioned, the EAS load works as expected, however, when loading through MaxL, additional erroneous members are created.   For example, if I had a member named Aerosol, I may get an additional new member named Aeosol.  In this file upload, there are approximately 40 additional "goofy" members created with variations on the name apparently based on some other member.  In this example, Aerosol is the parent of maybe 50 or so other items which are having their alias updated, but Aerosol itself as a member is not being modified.


      There are no errors in the essbase or application log files.


      An example of a row of data is, although the tab chars are falling out when I paste into this browser:

      "Aerosol" "003.0001709.076" "003.0001709.076 - 1709 SGL BROWN 6AB"

      As mentioned, the same load rule works perfectly fine via EAS, but not via MaxL.     It is the only load rule in the cube, so as to prevent any possible confusion there.


      Anyone have any ideas?