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    "PR_PROC_DESC_TABLE_FULL_ERROR" error on Iplanet 6.1


      We are getting the "PR_PROC_DESC_TABLE_FULL_ERROR" error in our error log on Iplanet 6.1

      Researching this the advice is to increase the file descriptor limit. We have increased this significantly but we are still getting the issue about once a week.


      ulimit -n gives 10240


      We have a Patrol monitor which now monitors this


      su -c "lsof | grep -c webservd"


      When we had the issue, this didnt get above 1800

      The other advice is to decrease the value of magnus.conf RqThrottle, magnus.conf MaxKeepAliveConnections, and/or nsfc.conf MaxFiles parameters.

      Would this help the issue? Any advice on what to reduce these to?



      magnus.conf:RqThrottle 128