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    Spool postscript to printers


      Hi All,


      Can you please let me know how to spool .ps files to the printer directly. I am able to create .ps files. Need to know how to spool it to the printer directly. I am using the below settings


      < PrtType:PST >

                      AdjustTextWidth     = Yes

                      Class          = PST

                      DownloadFonts     = No

                      ForceColorBitmaps     = Yes

                      JPEGCompression     = No

                      LanguageLevel     = Level2

                      Module          = PSTW32

                      PageNumbers     = Yes

                      PrePrintedPaper     = No

                      PrintFunc          = PSTPrint

                      Resolution          = 600

                      SendColor          = Yes,Enabled

                      SendOverlays     = No,Hidden

                      TemplateFields     = No,Hidden