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    Error text: ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("RMS"."ITEM_MASTER"."DEPT")


      Hi All,


      I am Installing Retail Merchandising System(RMS) as part of  Oracle Retail Application14.0. While installing RMS 14.0 it's throwing error . I mean while running run_rmsdemodata.sql , it's throwing error like :


      Input truncated to 7499 characters

      old 323:      v_num_items := &num_items;

      new 323:      v_num_items := 500;

      old 324:      v_tran_level := &tran_level;

      new 324:      v_tran_level := 3;

      Created the following items:

      Error Code: -1400

      Error text: ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("RMS"."ITEM_MASTER"."DEPT")

      'Starting File: populate_rpm_dept_aggregration.sql'

      Inserting records into rpm_dept_aggregation for departments not yet present in the table

      'Starting File: populate_rpm_futureretail.sql'

      'Execution of Demo Data script has completed.'

      'Please check RmsDemoData.log for any errors.'


      I have checked log file and found that populate_item_data.sql is trying to insert record into ITEM_MASTER. It is using DEPT column from DEPS table that is blank. Here I tried to find the script which loads data into DEPS table but I didn't get. Please suggest me what to do , I am stuck here.


      Operating System : RHEL 6.2 (x86-64)

      RMS Version : 14.0

      RMS User     : RMS