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    Duplicate email notifications sent to suppliers


      Hi Oracle Community -


      Some of our suppliers are complaining that they are receiving duplicate email notifications.  We have noticed that one of the duplicated email addresses has been appended with the '.AMERICAN' language suffix as per Oracle article, "Language Suffix (i.e '.AMERICAN') is appended to the Supplier Email Address in the Purchase Order Email Notification (Doc ID 427969.1)".


      Although Oracle recommends a patch to correct this, I am reluctant because we use iSupplier for notifications and the Buyer Work Center to create/update all purchase orders.  The article states, "This 12.1.x solution will change the To field in the email to the supplier to be a combination of supplier and supplier site name instead of the email address concatenated with the language code.  This change is applicable only to purchase orders created or updated using the Purchase Orders form and not to purchase orders created or updated using Buyer Work Center."


      Also, the article does not mention that these ‘.AMERICAN’ suffixed emails are duplicate notifications.  In my case, they are.

      Please let me know anyone has suggestions or hopefully, a resolution to my issue.

      Thank you, Donna