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    Smart View Submit Data Issues


      When I attempt to submit data, I have my options set to use the Excel formatting options. One cell was accidently formatted to currency while the other cells were formatted to Accounting. When I submitted the data, all of the values were successfully submitted except the one cell that was accidently formatted to Currency. Is this because I have the use Excel formatting option selected or is this a Smart View bug? Shouldn't all of the data in a worksheet should be uploaded regardless of the formatting?

      I am using version


      Thank you!

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          can you please explain your question as its not clear.

          whether you are connecting to Essbase or Planning , which version etc and what you are trying to do ?\




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            Sorry about the confusion. I am connected to Essbase using Smart View Version and I am trying to submit data for upload.

            In the worksheet that I am trying to submit I have formatted all of the cells to be the Accounting number format (excel formatting option), a few cells were accidently changed to the currency format which inserted the dollar sign.

            When I tried to submit the worksheet, all of the data values were uploaded except for the one cell that had the currency format. Below you can see the 15,000 in June was submitted but the 5,000 did not because of the formatting.




            Jan Feb Mar AprMayJun
            Forecast Forecast Forecast Forecast ForecastForecast
            Working Working Working Working WorkingWorking
            FY14 FY14 FY14 FY14 FY14


            Labor Reg - Budget Fcst Adj ENT.32.6980               -                 -                 -                 -                 -         15,000
            Labor OT - Budget Fcst Adj ENT.32.6980               -                 -                 -                 -                 -                 -  
            Emp Benefits Health Plans - Budget Fcst
            ENT.32.6980               -                 -                 -                 -                 -   $5,000.00
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              The dollar sign or text didn't submitted as its text and the DataType for your account is number , so it will not store text value even if you try to enter.


              I hope that clarifies.




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                The currency formatting isn't text though. If you look in the cell text/formula bar, the only thing that appears is the number, not the $. I don't understand why Smart view would recognize it as text?

                In the old Essbase Add-In the same cell is successfully submitted, what is different with Smart View?

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                  The data should submit with that format. If it does not, It sounds like a bug and you  should submit an SR to Oracle. I've not tried it with  but it worked in older versions. You could also check, there is a version11. out now, I didn't see a solution for this issue in the readme, but you might try it