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    ASM Disk Migration


      HI There,


      Im working on an GI and RDBMS running on AIX 7.1


      I have a situation where one of the one of the ASM disk groups on a particular cluster consists of 20 disks, 10 of which need to be swapped out for 10 new disks.


      As far as I am aware (correct me if im wrong) the following procedure should work, can be done online and should have no impact to any databases using the diskgroup (apart from the asm rebalance):


      -Start with 20 disks (lets call them 'disk1 to disk20' allocated to diskgroup '+DISKGROUP_A'

      - I have ten new disks (lets call them disk21 - disk30'

      - I want to swap out 'disk11 to 'disk20' for new disks 'disk21 to disk30'


      - First Add disks 'disk21 to disk30' to ASM diskgroup '+DISKGROUP_A'

      - Allow rebalance to finish
      - Once rebalance finished drop 'disk11 to disk20' from '+DISKGROUP_A'

      - Allow rebalance to finish again

      - Confirm that disks 'disk11 to disk20' are now shown as 'FORMER'

      - Disks can then physically be removed.


      My Question, is there a better way of doing what I am trying to achieve here, the above process worries me a little, simply because Im putting my self totally in the hands of oracle, crossing my fingers and hoping it works.


      - Any better suggestions?

      - Any suggestions around safeguarding the above approach?


      Any opinions would be appreciated



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          You can add and remove the disks in one ALTER DISKGROUP command, that way you rebalance only once.


          John Watson

          Oracle Certified Master DBA

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            The best way is to allow the ASM to do the migration:

            1. Create the new ASM disks
            2. Add those disks to your ASM diskgroup
            3. Wait to the re balance processes finish
            4. Remove old disks from your diskgroup
            5. Wait to the re balance processes finish
            6. Drop the old ASM disks
            7. Disconnect physical disks


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